Security guard

Whether you require additional security for your business or your community, our uniformly trained Security officers will provide the safety and security you need.

Security personnel

Our security guards can carry out a variety of duties to ensure your security. From observation post to foot patrol, tasks are carried out while in constant communication with our control center.

Line of business

When it comes to physical security, Maxi Agency wants to propose its services to all types of enterprises and organizations. Flexibility is an important asset of Maxi Agency and it allows the company to adapt its services to all kind of businesses, including:

  • Schools and governmental offices
  • Justice halls and city councils
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Youth protection centers
  • Entertainment halls
  • Financial institutions
  • Casinos and festivals
  • Shopping centers
  • Construction sites
  • Libraries
  • Office towers
  • Movie sets and many more…


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