Special event

Special event

Agence Maxi Sécurité et Protection covers security needs for all types of special events such as conferences, conventions, private parties, outdoor/indoor events and gatherings.

    Many organizations need temporary security services from time to time. Optimum Security recognizes the need for static temporary security services: when you need us, we’ll be there. We are able to quickly and efficiently provide temporary guard service for your short-term coverage needs, whether in response to an emergency or a planned event. Our staff is trained specifically to deal with issues in high-visibility, high-public interaction settings such as:

    • Labour disputes
    • Development projects
    • Festivals
    • Business meetings
    • Sporting events
    • Trade shows


    Sophisticated security operations implemented, before the event starts the area is secured and control of access is established, during the event our officers implement procedures and coordinate security operations, to insure maximum safety of people and property.

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